An super sweet mom to be and her family!!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of shooting Jen, an amazing mother of 2 and Laramie who is on the way. Jen is super sweet and has the most adorable little girls with sweet rosy cheeks. We even let Dad get in on a shot. We had a blast doing the shoot and a big thanks to Robert with R & J Photography for letting us use his studio. Take a look and I think you will agree that these are some awesome shots. Be sure to leave a comment for us.

Sunset on the Texas Gulf Coast

A couple of weeks ago we did an engagement shoot with a super sweet couple from Austin. They drove down and wanted to have sunset shots taken on the beach. The trouble is the sun doesnt set over the water in Galveston. The other issue we were worried about was the weather. It was completely cloudy and threatening to rain all day. As most of the native Houstonians know, wait an hour and the weather will change. We had planned to go to the Strand and get some urban grunge shots in before heading to the beach. After looking at the weather and deciding we would be better off going straight to the beach, sure enough the weather decided to change. It actually cleared off for a short time and we took some awesome shots with these amazing clouds over the Gulf. Afterwards we headed to a special spot that allows you to get the sun setting behind you over water and were treated to a SPECTACULAR sunset.
Kelly and Michael were a little nervous at first since we didnt get to go downtown but they quickly got into the groove and let their love for each other show. They were a super attractive couple that really looked romantic as they walked the beach. We were so fortunate that they allowed us to tag along for there engagement photos. Take a look and I think you will like the shots.

This bird sat on this post for probably 20 minutes and never moved.

Romance in the Country!!

We had a blast with Genifer and Andy in an awesome country setting complete with tractors, cows, ponds, rabbits and a snake that crawled over Becca’s foot. After she screamed, I dont think there was another animal around that came near us. She didnt drop the camera and ended up with some awesome shots from…

Recent Bridal

Last week we had the opportunity to photograph Julie for her bridals. She was a blast and really opened up for us. She even walked out onto the rocks that led to a small waterfall at the location. I am really excited that she did because the shots were awesome. It is unfortunate that we…