Sunset Bridals with Julie.

We did Julies bridals awhile back and in typical Bridal fashion we werent able to post any of them here. We were blessed with a very relaxed bride and an amazing sunset. The photos turned out awesome and Justin was very happy with her Bridal at the wedding. Take a look and as always feel free to leave a comment for us about the photos.

Romance in the Country!!

We had a blast with Genifer and Andy in an awesome country setting complete with tractors, cows, ponds, rabbits and a snake that crawled over Becca’s foot. After she screamed, I dont think there was another animal around that came near us. She didnt drop the camera and ended up with some awesome shots from…

E-session with Ebony & Aaron

Last week we had spent the evening with Ebony and Aaron for the engagement shoot in Houston. We started off a little late due to the traffic around the med center but once we started shooting Ebony and Aaron got right into the shoot. Talking about a couple that wasn’t camera shy at all. They were super sweet and really showed their affection for each other. With the love they were pouring out and the amazing sunset we had, we were able to get some really awesome shots.

Ebony scared the daylights out of me when she just hopped up on the Sabine Street bridge railing(sitting of course) for some shots. This section has a 30-40 foot drop and I was really nervous. It didn’t phase her and we ended up with some great stuff.

Recent Bridal

Last week we had the opportunity to photograph Julie for her bridals. She was a blast and really opened up for us. She even walked out onto the rocks that led to a small waterfall at the location. I am really excited that she did because the shots were awesome. It is unfortunate that we…

Sarah & Jerimiah

Recently we had a blast photographing Sarah & Jeremy during their engagement session. These two were so much fun. Jerimy brought his guitar and sang to Sarah which was really sweet. They were very relaxed and Jerimy was constantly goofing around which made the shoot a blast. I think you will see what I am…