Beautiful Bride at Mercer Arboretum

We had an AMAZING time with Brittany while shooting her bridal portraits.We went to Mercer Arboretum and the weather was PERFECT.This was right after the large amount of rainfall and the bog finally had water in it.YEA!!!! We have wanted for a long time, to take a bride to the bog for some edgy photos. Brittany was all for it, no matter if she has to work around the mud, but luckily we were able to avoid the mud.She was such a trooper and SO much fun!!We had a great time. Thanks Brittany for making our day so WONDERFUL!!

Kari & James, a couple of Texas A&M Aggies in love.

Wow, we had a blast with Kari & James. We took a short trip up to College Station, home of the Texas A & M Aggies. Both Kari and James graduated from A&M and they really wanted to have their e-session done back at the old school. The local weather had been talking about rain and wind all week and we kept hoping that the weather would not be ugly. We ended up with a little breeze but an amazing South Texas fall day with an AWESOME sunset. Kari and James were so much fun and they really opened up to us. They gave us the nickle tour through various parts of the campus and told us about some of the traditions that were part of the areas we visited. A&M has so many amazing places to photograph and we were only able to make it to just a few places during our time there. We were so fortunate that they invited us back to the place that they spent so many days together and we look forward to going up to College Station to work with other Aggie grads.

The Century Tree – No Engagement photo on campus would be complete without a photo under this old Oak.