Becca and Scott were a joy to work with. I found out about them through their daughter who was a sorority sister of mine at Texas Tech. I immediately called them in February of 2012 and right off the bat I talked to Scott for about 30 minutes about what I envisioned for my wedding. I continued to shop around for a month or so and then came to my senses and booked them! I loved their style, sense of family, professionalism, and the quality of their work! Because my fiance and I went to different graduate schools across the country from each other we did not do engagement photos. I chose to do bridal portraits instead and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love them and hanging around Becca and Scott all day was fun and it did not seem like work. I had them around all day on the wedding day (they took pictures of the girls getting ready and that sort of stuff) and I can not wait to see the final product! I have been happy with every aspect of their service and would highly recommend them to any Houston area bride.

♥ Jenny ♥