Whats the 411 on this program? Cinco Ranch Senior Portrait Photography Caffreys Seniors

In a nutshell, you get a super fun photoshoot for next to nuthin and earn credit to spend on your senior portraits with our Studio. Interested? Keep reading for all the details and a link to apply at the bottom of the page.

What is The Caffrey’s Seniors, Senior Ambassador Program?

Senior Ambassador’s are high school juniors who are chosen to represent Caffreys Photography to their friends and acquaintances throughout their Senior year in school. We select a guy and a girl from each high school. You will have the unique opportunity to earn credit with our studio just by talking to your friends.

Katy High School Senior Portraits Caffreys SeniorsWhat are we looking for? I have never been a model before!

We are looking for fun, outgoing and creative Seniors to represent us. You do not have to be a model or have ever been a model before. The question is: Do you have a lot of friends? Are you in large organizations like the Band, Drill/Dance or Football team? Would your friends vote you as most social and you know everyone? Ambassadors that fit this mold are the ones that tend to be the most successful.

What does the Senior Rep do?

Basically the senior rep tells their friends about our Studio and the experience they had zm_di_wild-411-circled-front-178x300during their photo shoot. You will earn rewards based on the number of your friends that book a session with us.

What do I have to agree to?

  • A senior rep needs to have their senior portraits taken by the first part of April during their junior year. This allows you some time during school to begin promoting us to your classmates.
  • Show your senior photos to all of your friends and acquaintances and excitedly tell them about your experience at Caffreys Photography as well as recommend them to get their photos taken with us.
  • Post some of your images on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages making sure to tag us in all the images.
  • Represent Caffreys Photography exclusively during your senior year.
  • Agrees to allow Caffreys Photography to use your name and images in our advertising.

What does a Senior Ambassador receive?

  • One on location portrait session for $10.00* which is a $175 dollar value. (*this maintains any UIL eligibility issues for the senior and will be credited back after your 3rd booked referral).
  • For each referral card turned in with a booked and paid senior session, you will receive $25.00 print credit. Your classmates must submit your referral card in order to be eligible for the print credit. Print Credits accumulate through April 30 of your senior year and must be redeemed by May 1 of your senior year.
  • 10 electronic files for sharing via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Custom slideshow of your photos to place on your Facebook page.
  • 100 Personalized Rep Cards to pass out to everyone in your class. Rep Cards include photos of yourself, your name and information about the session and our studio. Each of your friends that book their senior session with Caffreys Photography will receive 16 free wallets.
  • You will receive Ambassador preferred pricing on all of our products.

senior-portrait-photographer-katy-tx-cinco-ranch-baseballWhat is the Senior Rep Rewards schedule?

You will receive your print credits based on the number of people that you send to us for their senior portraits. Your friends will receive 16 free wallets. You will be issued $25.00 in print credit for each referral that presents your rep card at the time of their booking and completion and payment of their senior portrait session fees. You may begin accumulating print credit as soon as you are accepted to be a Senior Ambassador. Print credit may accumulate through April 30 of your senior year.  The sooner you book your session the more time you will have to pass out your cards. (Your session must be booked and completed by April 30th of your junior year)

How do I become an Ambassador for Caffrey’s Photography?

Just fill out the application and forward it to us. We will let you know if you are chosen as an Ambassador for Caffrey’s Seniors. Be prepared to set up your session at the time of notification.