Senior FAQ’s

What kind of photos are “Lifestyle Portraits”?
Lifestyle portraits are unique photos of yourself that capture your personality and interests in a location that says something about yourself. We take the time to discuss your session with you so it is setup to be what you want, photographed where you want your photos to be done.

When should I book you guys for my senior session?
The sooner the better. The longer you wait to book with us the more of a chance you take having very limited days to reserve. Saturdays are generally not an option due to weddings taking up most of those days. However, if you need a Saturday session that is only 2-3 weeks away we can look at it.

How long will it take to get my photos back?
Once we have finished your photo session it typically takes about 10-14 days before we will have the proofs ready to view online. If you are ordering photos to be printed it takes about 7-10 days for us to get them back from our lab.  These times are approximate and can take longer based on our workload and time of year. (Holidays will slow down the process)

How many wardrobe changes am I allowed?
Unlimited. Your session will typically last about 2 hours and you can change as often as you would like. Keep in mind that the more changes you have the less time we will have to actually photograph you. Typically, a senior will have 2-3 changes.

Can I bring something with me to use as a prop?
We encourage you to bring anything that helps tell the story of who you are and what you are interested in. Some examples are, your sports equipment, cheerleader gear, musical instruments, Letterman jackets, senior rings, cars or motorcycles, awards or medals and pets.

Can I bring a pet?
We do not have a problem with pets (except snakes and spiders, Yuk!) but we do ask  you to let us know ahead of time. Also,  if you decide to bring a pet you will be required to have someone there that can take the pet after we are done with the photos of you and your pet.

Do you have a studio?
At this time we do not use a studio for our photography. We feel that getting out in the world and photographing you doing what you like to do in your environment gives us better photos of our seniors. We are not the typical cap and gown photographer that wants to rush through your photo session so they can get to the next person.

Do you photograph my cap and gown photos?
We do not have the various schools cap and gown’s so we cannot photograph that unless you have yours already. If you have your cap and gown you are welcome to bring it with you and we will happily capture you in it.

Does a package have to be from one pose?

Absolutely not. You can pick an choose exactly which print you want for each item in your package. The only exception to this is on a sheet of wallets. Wallets are a single pose per sheet of 8 wallets.

How many pictures will I get to choose from?
Honestly, we have no idea how many photos you will be able to choose from. Everyone’s session is different so it depends on your individual session. Generally the number of photos will be between 40 and 80.

How will I view my photos? Do you give out proofs?
Once we have your session ready to view it will be placed onto our online photocart. It will be password protected so you so you can allow anyone you would like to view your photos. We offer 4×5 proofs but they are at an extra cost.

Where can we go to shoot my photos?
Typically we try to stay in a radius of 20 miles from the Katy Tx area. So, anywhere in that area is fair game. However, we can go anywhere you want to but there may be an additional travel fee depending on the location.

What happens if it is bad weather?
In Houston you just never know about the weather so in the event of bad weather we will work with you to reschedule your session.

Should I tan before my session?

Tanning is ok in moderation. Keep in mind that tan lines typically show and they are expensive to retouch to cover them up. What you dont want to do is get sunburned before your shoot. A red face in all of your photos is not flattering. One thing we tend to stress is to avoid spray tans as they have a tendency to tun you orange in photos. No one wants to look like an Ommpa Loompa!

What colors photograph the best? What should I avoid?

Generally solid colors work best. We do not recommend wild prints and crazy patterns. They tend to be a distraction to the viewer.

What types of clothes should I avoid?
We recommend that you plan your outfits with long pants, jeans or Capris. Exposed legs tend to be a distraction and lead your eye to your legs instead of your face. The exception is if you participate in an activity and shorts are part of the uniform. In that case we encourage you to bring them.

What if I wear glasses?

Glare can be a problem when photographing people with glasses. We suggest that you ask the location that you received your glasses from if they can loan you a set of frames without the lenses. If that is not possible we have some techniques that can help reduce or eliminate glare on your glasses.

Do you retouch photos?
We will do basic retouching on photos that you have printed. Dont worry if you have a blemish as we can take care of those for you.

What if I have braces?
We will take a variety of pictures of you smiling and not smiling in order to give you a good selection to choose from. The removal of braces from your senior pictures is $45 per pose if requested.