Caffreys Seniors Katy TX Jami

OMG! I love them sooo much! they came out AMAZING! thank you guys so much! 🙂  I’m going to be using one of the pictures to send out in my graduation announcements but I really love all of them! It’s so hard to choose which are my favorites!





katy-tx-senior-photography-caffreys-seniorThank you so much, Scott! They are all so wonderful! You and Becca are such amazing photographers. I can’t wait to put them in my invitations and hand them out!







My parents just let me know that they received the photos. They really, really like them. Thanks so much for senior-portrait-photography-katy-txsending them again! Take care, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends!









mayde-creek-high-senior-photography-portraitsI got my pics and they look amazing i couldn’t have wished for better pics thank u so very much.







THANK YOU for making my daughter feel comfortable and somewhat at ease (as much as she could be, anyway)  Shelby hates taking pictures and is katy-high-cheerleader-senior-photosoften uncomfortable doing so, as she so reminded me on our way to the session.  She said I’m only doing this because you want me too. LOL  But, you both made her feel special and I think in the end it was actually fun for her.  I know it was for me. I skimmed through the pictures and from what I can see they are beautiful.

Sharon M.





katy-tx-edgy-senior-photography… they are amazing me and my parents fight over the best ones, my rents have a list of their like 20 favs and there trying to come up with a list of ones to get, lol they can’t agree







Thanks so much Scott & Becca! I just glanced at the photos, and they are fantastic! I have a couple of busy days here at the end of school, but I need toedgy-girls-high-school-senior-portraits-houston order soon. Thanks again for your kindness & patience during the photo session–Laurin had a good time, even with the heat!

Take care!