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Sexy Fun Natural Playful Intimate Unexpected Cute Casual Cuddly Fast?

These are some ot the words that have been used to describe a Caffreys Photography engagement session, after the shoot.

Relaxed Engagement Portraits

Thanks for stopping by our Engagement Portrait page. Our sessions are designed to be fun and flirty as we work to make our couples feel comfortable and relaxed during their session. Over the years we have developed a strategy to help our couples open up, have fun and show us their real personalities. By doing so, we are able to photograph intimate, fun, sexy images that capture the beginning of your unique love story!

So what is an engagement portrait session like? First, we like to visit with you to determine what kind of “look” that you have in mind for your engagement portraits. Ideas are a country look, flowers, urban city vibes, beachy, a favorite bar, a favorite city, fishing, hunting or with a special car. (if you have a Pinterest wedding page we want to see it) Once we get an idea on what you would like your portraits to look like then we decide on a date and location that will give you that look. We are up for anything from something simple and local to an exotic destination if you don’t mind flying us there. After its all said and done we want your portraits to be something that you are proud to display in your new home.

OK so you may wonder why couples describe an engagement session as “fast”. Our sessions last about 2 hours and most grooms would rather go to the dentist than have to do an engagement photo shoot. The funny thing is after they are done, we usually here about how much fun it was and how surprised they are that it went so fast. So don’t worry “grooms to be”, we make this fun for you to.

I want to start by saying how much we absolutely loved our pictures! Y’all did an amazing job and we are so happy!

Heather & Judd

Fun Flirty Engagement Portraits