Bridal Boudoir Portraits

Intimate Bridal Boudoir Portraits

Sexy, Irresistibly Gorgeous, Intimate Bridal Boudoir Portraits

We cant think of a sexier way to say “I Love You” on your dream wedding day!

Picture a spa day, mixed in with a glamourous V-S styled photoshoot, combined with your wedding dress and intimate bridal lingerie and you get the idea of what a Bridal Boudoir session looks like. These are for the bride to be that wants to give her new husband a truly unique and one of a kind gift at her wedding or during the honeymoon. Our Boudoir sessions are designed to be a lot of fun, laid back and full of laughs.  From start to finish, we will be there every step of the way, from helping you decide what to wear, finding hair and makeup artists to selecting the amazing images for your album. The experience is designed to make you feel like a supermodel. There is no need to worry about knowing how to pose or what to do during the shoot. We use our years of experience to get you into poses that will make you look your sexy best. Our sessions are carried out in a tasteful manner as we work to make sure you are completely comfortable in everything you will do. What we find interesting is that after these sessions brides to be have told us how empowered they have become and how much their self confidence has grown.  Most are truly surprised that they can look so beautiful in their photos and they cant wait to see the reaction they get from their new hubby!

Got ??’s (don’t be afraid to ask, we know this is out of the norm for most brides)

…but I am not photogenic!
Every girl stresses over this even the supermodels! As long as you are relaxed and having fun, we will guide you every step of the way to create amazing images with you!

Should I get a makeup artist?
Unless you are a trained makeup pro or someone who REALLY understand makeup for photography then we strongly advise our brides to invest in a hair and makeup artist. A good professional makeup artist will know what looks best on you and what is going to look dazzling on camera.

What should I wear?
For many boudoir sessions the sky is the limit on what kind of intimate apparel to wear. For a bridal boudoir session we suggest you wear the lingerie that you will wear underneath your wedding dress. Also it is a good idea to have some of the lingerie with you that you will wear on your honeymoon. Bring your wedding dress as we will use it as well.

Where do we do the session?
We have several rooms in our home decorated to use for these sessions. If you prefer to go to a swanky hotel or have a different look in mind let us know and we can work out the details to do the offsite session. We have done boudoir sessions in clients fancy homes and even in some of the Magnificent 7 suites here in Houston.

Note: We currently do not display any of our clients images without their written permission. Any images that are shown on this site or on our Boudoir Site, True Beauty Boudoir are from aspiring models who want some of their images to be shown online or images from clients who give us written authorization. Samples of our portfolio that can be viewed by appointment in our home studio.

Bridal Boudoir Portrait