I was nervous when selecting a photographer for my wedding. Everyone said “make sure we are comfortable with them; they will be with you the whole time.”
I had reached out to several local photogs and was beginning to get dismayed. The Caffreys were my last stop. Tentatively I arrived at their office; hoping that maybe “this was the one.”
Immediately I knew this was the photography team that I wanted. We connected right away. They listened to the details of my wedding plan; which was a bit unconventional (we were married in a restaurant and did photos before the wedding) and worked with me to make sure everything was covered. They asked questions, wanting to make sure that they met the expectations that I had.
They blended in during the wedding so much that one guest asked me why I didn’t have a photographer.
The price was very reasonable and they delivered on every promise. My photos were amazing (AND they delivered them when they said they would).

♥ Roni & Mark ♥