Here are the album cover choices for the Premier One Album.

Your book has a variety of album cover options for you to choose from and we will need to get one selected for your book. There are several photo cover options but they do not show up very well in a webpage. There is an additional fee for the photo cover if you did not book the Diamond Collection. If you would like to see those options we can schedule a time to have you stop by.

At this point take a look at the swatches below and see if you want to go that direction or if you want to go with an photocover. If you need to see the swatches in person to help you decide we have most of them available to look at. Just let us know.

PS. some of the covers are being discontinued. They are noted in the description below.


Opulence.  A heavier fabric with some unique looks. 

Addtiction. Silk covers. Desade is really nice and has a unique texture.

Midtown. Silk and Linen fabric covers. 

Middle Earth is a vegan faux Ostrich leather look. These have a very nice look on a book and we have this on a sample book.

***Middle Earth is being discontinued*** Supplies may not be available  

Garbo is a vegan faux suede leather look. These look good but care would be needed to keep them looking their best.

***Garbo is being discontinued***  Academy Award and Silver Screen are out of stock

Electric Looks is a vegan leatherette with some interesting textures. 

***Electric Looks is being discontinued***  Glitter Barbi, Sidewinder, and Tourmaline are out of stock

Paraphernalia. These are heavy unusual looking fabrics. The only ones that brides have shown interest in is Mystic Tea Leaves and Zydeco

Wonderland. Linen covers that have a heavier feel to them