Here are the album cover choices for the Ruby Collection Album.

Your book has a variety of album cover options for you to choose from and we will need to get one selected for your book. The majority of couples select a leather or a photo cover. If you are looking for a leather look then “Happy Cow” is the group you need to look at. Most of the others are fabric covers and VERY FEW couples get those but it may be exactly what you like.

If you prefer the photo cover then there is a $30 upgrade fee.  The photo panel is where the front cover is a photo and the binding and back of the book will be a separate cover option that you need to select. For the photo Panel it is better to have a horizontal image with the subject somewhat centered but we can work with a vertical image as long as we have enough space around the subject.

At this point take a look at the swatches below and see if you want to go that direction or if you want to go with an photocover. Just let us know.

You can click on the images to enlarge most of them. 

Happy Cow. The Leather option for this book.

Natural Linen

Fabric – a mix of textures. 

Velvet – luxurious traditional and textured choices

Photo Panel.($30.00) A photo panel book. This are a very nice affordable photo cover option.